How to beat the pokies?

Type of Pokie Games

how to beat the pokiesMore than 70 percent of all people living in Australia visited a casino or gambled in the last year. While some of those gamblers stuck close to home and relied on scratchies or online gambling, a large number of those players used the pokies available in Australian casinos. More than 200,000 pokies or electronic gaming machines are available in Australia, which represents more than 2 percent of all machines used around the world. These machines typically have up to 200 paylines and lets players’ place bets on one or more paylines. So, you may be wondering how to beat the pokies. The more you bet, the more you spend, but, also, the more chances you have to win.

Video pokie machines are more popular with players today trying to beat them. These machines have multiple stops, which increase a player’s chances of winning and therefore beating the pokies. Another popular type is a fruit machine, which features three to five reels and award players’ with cash and prizes based on how the symbols in those rows line up after they place a bet. Progressive slot machines or pokies are another option. These machines are available in nearly every casino, and as players use the machines, a portion of the money they spend goes into one large jackpot, which one player will win later.

Benefits of Playing Online Pokies

Australia passed the Internet Gambling Act or IGA in 2001 as a way to reduce the impact of online gambling. This Act states that no foreign company or Australian company may offer online gambling to residents of the country if real money is at stake. This means that online companies can let players gamble and play games to win prizes and credits but those companies cannot accept money from residents of the country or award cash prizes. The one exception to this rule is any casino that received its license and bonding prior to the implementation of the Act, which means that players can still play slots online.

Online slots offer a number of benefits over traditional gambling; you can better keep track of how much you earn and spend, you can play in the comfort of your living room or bedroom, and with newer apps and mobile sites, you can play slots on your tablet or smartphone.

Types of Pokies Games Available Online

cash-splashProgressive slots: Progressive slots are games that remain connected to a single network. A portion of each bet goes into one large jackpot that a player wins later. Games like Cash Splash and Wow Pot paid out millions to players.


the-dark-knightBonus slots: Bonus pokies are usually video slot machines that give you extra bonuses for performing well in the game. These bonuses include video clips and free money. One of the more popular games of this type is The Dark Knight Rises.


stallionairFruit pokies: While the old fruit machines used images of fruit, the new machines, including Stallionaire Pub and Lucky Barstard, use newer and more modern images. With five reels and multiple bonuses, you can win in a variety of ways.


Supernova-slotsMulti-payline pokies: With a multi-payline pokie, you have five reels and earn money when you match five symbols in a line in one of five different directions. Supernova is a great example of this type of pokie.