Pokie Games

Various Types of Pokies Around the World

It is estimated that there are over 7.2 million pokie games in the world. Although they are commonly associated with casinos, pokies may also be found in some pubs and clubs. There are a few different kinds of pokies available to gamblers. Traditional pokie games are over a century old and typically have three mechanical reels which would spin and return a combination. While they were previously purely mechanical, now they are controlled electronically with a built-in computer.

Video pokies use a video display instead of the traditional three reels. These pokies typically have interesting features like free spins, bonus rounds and hundreds of paylines, which is why they are the most popular type of pokies in Australia. In many casinos, you will also find progressive pokies. These are machines that are linked together and have a common jackpot that grows as people play them.

Basic Rules of Pokies

pokie games 1Online pokies – are among the simplest games you can play, but their rules will vary slightly depending on the type of pokie games you play. Traditional pokies are the simplest: you choose the amount of coins you want to bet and click on the spin button or lever. You can then win a specified amount if the right combination appears on the payline.

pokie games 2Video pokies – work in a similar way, except that you now have more reels and more paylines. Many video pokies have additional features, like “Wild” symbols that can substitute for others to complete a winning combination, free spins features that give you a certain number of spins for free, multipliers that can increase your winnings, as well as bonus games that can let you win more.

pokie games 3Progressive pokies – can both be traditional 3-reel pokies or video pokies and work in the same way as their respective type of game, with one difference: the jackpot amount isn’t fixed, but rather keeps growing until it is won. Multi-reel pokies are combinations of traditional pokies and function in a similar way to playing a 3-reel pokie game, but now you can play multiple games at the same time.


What Kind of Pokies Can be Found Online?

Any type of pokie games that could be found in a land-based casino will be available at Microgaming online casinos. You will find traditional 3-reel pokies like Lion’s Share, progressive pokies such as Fruit Fiesta, which is one of the most popular progressive pokies in the online casino world, plus many video pokies like Hellboy, Thunderstruck II, Loaded and Tomb Raider.

Online casinos typically have a much larger selection of pokie games than land-based casinos in Australia, and you will never have to walk around in circles while you wait for one of your favourite pokie games to become available. Also, online pokies tend to have betting limits that are a lot more flexible. This allows you to bet any amount between $0.01 and $5 per payline, so you can have some fun and get the chance to win real money, no matter what the size of your bankroll is.